SFX Make-up

Archive of works from 2022-2023 

   SFX Make-up for Dead Eye Film - 2023

Dead Rotted Corpse

   SFX Make-up for Death to Comedy Film - 2023

Open Wounds and Bruises

  SFX Make-up for Flesh Without Blood Film - 2023

Realistic Silicone Mask

Bite Wound

Slit Throat Wound

Stab Wound

  Work Created in Spring 2023 Special Effects Make-up 2 Class

 Vampire Bat Monster Mask

Webbed Hand Foam Latex Prosthetic

 Human Face Specimen Jar Prop

  SFX Make-up for Little Deaths Film - 2022

 Edible Heart


 Period Blood

 Work Created in Summer 2022 Special Effects Make-up 1 Class

 Mummified Fairy Shadow Box Prop

 Frozen Corpse Make-up

 Scar Wax Wound

 Gangrene Wound

 Bullet Wounds


 Severed Thumb Prop